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This has nothing to do with knitting, but I’m so excited! I just won an amazing 1950s Pauline Trigère dress on Ebay! I love the designer fashion of the 50s and love Trigère, but normally her dresses are always very much outside my budget. This time I got really lucky! Trigère, besides amazing dresses in general, designed the clothing worn by Patricia Neal’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I think the dress I bought shows a similar style. I can’t wait for it to arrive. This is the dress:

I had two other successes yesterday. Unfortunately they were not exactly the success I had hoped for (the success I had hoped for had something to do with a certain job interview, but alas, no success there) but they were nice anyhow. The first was that after 5 years of experimenting once about every few months to get my tofu to come out the way it does in Asian restaurants, it finally did, last night! I had stir-fried tofu, fried it, grilled it, deep-fried it, and had tried pretty much everything I could think of, but none of it worked. The key turned out to be that it has to go in the oven, marinated and all, for about 30 minutes at the highest degree possible. We ate it with satay, rice, veggies and cucumber salad, and it was yummy 🙂
My second success of the day was my latest wool dye colorway. I call it “pomegranate sunset” because of the deep reds and purple. I’m very happy with the result and can’t wait to re-skein it and knit with it!


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stitch markers

After using random items such as pieces of leftover yarn and old rings for some time, I finally made me some proper stitch markers. I’ve only made four, because I only had four of the little necklace-closure ring thingies. I’d love to get a bunch more and make some more!

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Yay!! I have become absolutely, completely addicted to hand-dyeing yarn. I just love how the colors can be mixed to form so many different combinations… I guess most of all, I just love color! 🙂

In other news, I just finished my warm winter sweater design. Can’t post any pics (yet) as I’d like to try submitting it somewhere. It’s great to have finished it, it turned out exactly as I had hoped! Now I just need to write the pattern for it.

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Today, husband, puppy and I went to our first English “car boot sale”. Living in Holland, I had seen car boot sales on tv many times (the BBC has several shows about them, which just happened to coincide with my daily lunch break from studying when I was in college) but despite our love of all things thrift store and garage sale, we had yet to check this phenomen out for real. Before we went, I told my husband that I would look for anything yarn and knitting-related, and he told me he’d be looking for trumpet stuff (he is quite the virtuoso on the instrument, in my opinion). Still, I had not expected we’d do as well as we did. Husband found a cornet, the one instrument he’d been looking for, and I found this:

Just as I was thinking to myself that my stash heap was in need of replenishing after much knitting from it! There was a stand with huge bags full of yarn, priced at 5 balls for £1! Most of it was 100% or 90% acrylic, but after quite some digging around (while husband dutifully held a bag full of yarn and chatted with people petting on pup). I came away with 25 wonderful balls of yarn for just £5 total. This is what I got:
(from bottom to top and left to right):
– Wendy Merino four ply, 100% wool, in light pink and coral, 1 ball each
– Wendy Family Choice chunky, 50% acrylic, 40% nylon, 10% wool, pink, 1 ball
– Patons Cotton Soft, 100% cotton, light pink and light blue, 1 ball each
– Viking Narvik chunky, 100% wool, burnt orange, 5 balls (This is my favorite. At 100g. each, I’m so happy!)
– Handspun wool, chocolate brown, large ball of approx. 250 grams, without tag or band
– Wendy Mohair, 90% mohair, 6% polyester, 4% acrylic, light blue, 3 balls
– Wendy Cotton, 100% cotton, red, 1 ball
– Patons Capstan, 60% wool, 40% nylon, cream, 1 ball
– Wendy Orin Co chunky, 60% acrylic, 20% nylon, 20% alpaca, 4 balls red, 1 ball moss green
– Wendy Family Choice DK Tweed, 38% acrylic, 36% wool, 26% nylon, 4 balls red & grey

Needles to say, we’ll be going back to that car boot sale again soon!

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I have been on Ravelry for less than a day and I love love love it! I had no idea it could be so easy to look up patterns, keep track of projects, etc. It’s sweet!

In other knitting news, I have almost finished Stefanie Japel’s cardigan with leaf ties (from knitty). I just need to finish the i-cord that goes around the neckline. It’s been a very fun project to work on, and the Andean Silk yarn from Knit Picks that my sweet husband gave me for Christmas makes for a very nice cardigan indeed 🙂

I’m also working on two designs of my own and knitting them up as I go along with the pattern-making… more on that later.

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birthday socks

for Brandon’s 28th birthday (first socks I ever knit, I’m so happy they fit! In Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes hand-dyed):

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